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    Post  Manuel on Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:10 pm

    Dear users,

    Our server has returned with a full dynamic script ! with the following features:

    - Totally Dynamic Business system

    Ability for admins to create/edit/delete businesses IG - Set their price/level/owner - The business owner has the ability to change the products price IG - Has the ability to re-name the business - Or even set it's entrance fee.

    10 Types - [24/7 - Electronics - Clothes Store - Fast Food - Radio Shop - Club - Bar - Casino - Bank - Locks Store]

    - Totally Dynamic House system

    Ability for admins to create/edit/delete houses IG - Set their price/level/owner - The house owner has the ability to store drugs/items/cash in the house safe - Or even setup a Lock/Alarm for it , House owners can put the house for rent - Normal people can rent it and the rent fee will took from the paycheck each hour.

    - Totally Dynamic Family-Vehicles system

    Admins have the ability to create/delete/edit the family-vehicles IG.
    Admins have the ability to make the vehicles locked/unlocked once spawned.
    Admins have the ability to set the vehicle model/color
    - Family members can lock/unlock the vehicles using /lockfcar.

    - Accessories System [With 0.3e editor]
    - Neon shops for vehicles [3 shops around LS]
    - Custom faction commands
    - Custom mapped locations/interiors/exteriors
    - Radio system for vehicles/businesses/garages/houses
    - Custom Drug/Weapon depots [Custom system - You'll have to discover by yourself]
    - Tolls system around LS exits.
    - CD System for streaming music
    - Boombox system with an object - Can be heared at a certain distance
    - custom gym system
    - Custom jobs with unique features [Fedex / Trucker / Trashman / Sweeper , etc - 18 job]
    - Beta-Testers system [Ability to hire testers IG , with their own chat]
    - Developers System [Ability to hire developers IG - With their own chat/tag]
    - Famed System [Ability to give out famed status for users - With their own cmd's/tag/chat]
    - Bus NPC's system rolling around LS with interiors
    - Siren system for normal vehicles [Cops]
    - A Custom made prison for the DoC - With a yard outside - 5 hours prison.
    - Totally custom helpers system for the /newbie chat - With a level system - each level has its own commands.
    - Totally custom mappers system - Mappers have the ability to MAP OBJECTS IG with the custom map-editor.
    - Totally dynamic event system with alot of features

    And much more !

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