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    Post  Dark-C on Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:23 am

    My name is Jordan Johnson. I was born on 4/8/1985, in Liberty City.
    My father, Phil, worked in the 'Los Santos Police Department' as a detective, and gave us much money to the family.
    My mother, Maria, worked as a kid nurse in the 'All Saints General Hospital', but she got fired becuase she got late everyday.
    From age 5 to 12, I was studying in the famous school in Liberty City, 'LCSAHS'(Liberty City School And High School).
    Since I was 12 years old, someone in the street offered me to smoke one little cigar, and I started smoking.
    My mom died in a car accident when she went to the Pizza Stack, to apply for a job.
    So I didn't have another way to get money. If I was telling my dad that I'm smoking, I think he was sad, becuase he wanted I will be a good student in the College.
    I'm 13 years old, and I'm not studying in school. What else can I do?
    Everyday I ditched from school to smoke a little without my dad will notice, and went to a lonely company, no-where in Liberty City.
    In age 14 my dad went to his office, work, and from that day, I noticed that my dad isn't coming anymore to my house.
    I asked many people, even the police, and nobody knew what happened to 'Detective II - Phil Johnson'.
    I started to be lonely. Without mom, without dad. I went again to my work in the no-where place.. and I noticed that the company is locked.
    I called the owner, no answer.
    Then I noticed in the TV that my dad have been kidnapped, here's a oute of what he said in his first police phonecall:
    'Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?
    I'm inside no where, some black niggers kidnapped me, and I don't think I will be alive for a long time.
    I don't know to who call, becuase I lost connection with my son, and my wife have been killed.
    Can you help me please?'
    Yeah.. he didn't want to meet me anymore, as I understand..
    I was working in the Mall's clothes shop, trying to get enough money to fly away from here.

    I earned enough money!
    I bought a new computer, and posted a post that I'm selling my house.
    I sold my house and my computer, and I had like 800,000$ cash.
    I bought a flying ticket to Los Santos, to try my luck there.
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    Post  Manuel on Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:42 pm

    Thats looks like a great character story ! cheers

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